A feature that lists components of Indonesian culture along with their respective practitioners

Our home page acts as a feed that allows users to discover and preview cultural topics/listings according to their interest

We ensure that the content provided is verified, detailed, and of high quality


A feature that includes various exclusive programs, where users are given incentives/ rewards to;

1.Learn and get quizzed on topics surrounding Indonesian culture

2.Complete quests surrounding the exploration of Indonesian culture


This feature is a paid service where both users and merchants can get certification of their products.

This will help the customer that is worried about the authenticity of the cultural products they have purchased.

This will also allow the merchants to show the proof of authenticity of their products in order to create value to the customer.

Market Place

A centralized marketplace for Indonesian cultural products that allows a better experience for users as they can directly learn, verify, filter and sort the products they would like to purchase.

This marketplace consists of certified merchants and provides e-certification at an additional cost, preventing fraud and providing more security for the customer